Your business requires expertise outside France ?

The firm maintains regular links with renowned firms, particularly in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Portugal. The cohesion between the partners of these firms is ensured by regular meetings in each country and by the organization of joint seminars.

The firms are not bound by any exclusivity agreement. As a result, each partner is free to collaborate with other foreign firms, particularly if a conflict of interest arises, or if the client so wishes. In addition to these privileged partners, the firm has other contacts in Europe, the United States, and India.

A few examples of missions carried out with the help of privileged partners or foreign correspondents.

  • Setting up an international distribution network for a French company in Asia (China, Hong-Kong) in the IT sector.

  • Acquisition of a French toy company by an American group, via its British subsidiary.

  • Acquisition of a wind farm owned by an Italian company by a French company.

  • Integration in a French group of a supply company in Hong-Kong and setting up of its governance.